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Concrete is the third largest contributor of CO2 pollution after fossil fuels and deforestation. Three tons are poured annually for each man woman and child on earth.
Learning of concrete’s environmental impact, I found myself searching for my 3 tons. I claim mine in the streets I drive, cross and walk upon. Paths of concrete, a word synonymous with dependability, are constantly deteriorated by water, temperature and use. We deny discord by a patchwork of repairs. We enhance road surfaces, color-coding our behavior and granting power to direct our movement. We reposition directionals whose shadows recall other paths. New, initially more expensive, concrete formulation methods could reverse its negative impact and improve climate sustainability. We need to rethink our use of this material that paves paths of unknown consequence
These paintings fulfill my need to call attention to this issue -and hopefully- creating demand for greater research in and use of greener concrete.